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About Us

Bedouin Robot 

Bedouin Robot is founded by Can Katipzade and his wife Özge Mine Katipzade in Antalya, Turkey.  And today headquarters being Istanbul we have established branches in USA & Kuwait. Bedouin Robot has been working with various brands, celebrities, companies, designers and artists all around the world especially from Turkey, USA, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Israel, Spain, Sweden, France, Iran,  South Africa, Equatorial Guinea and UAE.

Can Katipzade is a self taught director and cinematographer  from Miami, South Florida.

 He has attended Full Sail University in Orlando Florida for Recording Arts & Entertainment Business between 2001 - 2003.He continued his academic career in Media & Communications. Today as a Assoc. Professor he serves as the 

Vice Dean of the faculty of Arts and Director of Media & Communications at the Atafom University. 

As a director; he has directed TVC's for major Hotels and brands in Turkey, Kuwait, England, Kazakhstan, Qatar and Russia such as  Ela Quality and Sailors Beach 2020, 2018 Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel & Lincoln Kuwait 2018 Navigator Commercial , 2019, 2020 & 2021  Spice Hotel and Ramada Plaza Antalya by Wyndham's 2020 " Wonder-er " commercial and new 3 TVC's for Adopen. He has also shot an online add for Turkish Airlines with Olympic Diver Birgül Erken.

In 2018 he wrote & directed Universal UK MP's 7th Senses War Against Time Trailer.

In 2018 he was the Creative Director and Producer of Kuwait International Fashion Week which held at the Messilah Beach Hotel and Spa in Salmiya Kuwait.


In 2021 Can Katipzade won the best hotel commercial award at the Cifft Film Festival with Sailors Beach Commercial. Recently he won the Best Picture & Best director at the New York Films awards with the short/ Music Video he directed for the Swedish NU-Metal band InSammer. Same project Endless Sky won the best music video award 

at the Paris Underground Music Video Awards, Filmcon, Los Angeles Movie Awards and also nominated for best music video at the New York Film Festival

Currently with his wife and bedouin robot team  they are working on a feature film titled Dark Secrets. "Dark Secrets"

is a psychological thriller / action motion picture focuses on parapsychological espionage trough out the history and western esoteric cults involvement and learnings in the Ottoman & Arab World.  Selim Bayraktar, Cansel Elçin,

Jared Celma, Florian Macek, Sara Sanz,  Zeynep Tuğçe Bayat, Denny Reyes and Filiz Ahmet are starring as the main characters. Film has been shot in various cities like Antalya, Cappadocia, Kiev & Istanbul.

As a music producer, he has received Golden Orange Best Music Award with his work on  the movie "Snow as White" music direction by Mircan Kaya. . Won the 2015 FOG Award of Music ICON for movie La Bella Des Nuit in San Francisco Global Movie Festival.


In 2005 he has created the original music and performed with his 13 piece ethnic electronic Live band for the Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli fashion shows in USA. He headline the Seattle Hemp Fest  in 2013 and got on the Band Wagon Road Show as the opening act for Snoop Dogg and Sublime.

In 2012 he started to work with Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube and Mac Shawn as creative director and executive producer in various projects and The Position Album feat. Ice Cube & E-40.

Özge Mine Katipzade Bedouin Robot's Director, scenarist, art director & costume designer. Özge is a former HaberTurk Culture & Arts Editor and Photographer from 2013-2015.


She is majored in "Cinema and Tv" in Ankara University Ilef, In 2012 she attended Otto-Friedrich Üniversitat Bamberg, Germany  for "Cinema and Photography" .  As a photographer and journalist  she has worked with various foreign and Turkish celebrities and artists. She also worked with the famous electronic music producers and DJ's as an event director in Istanbul's most popular venues. She has been the art director and assistant director for Bedouin Robot's all award winning projects. She has been the line producer and the production planner of all of the projects since 2017 till 2021 

Can Katipzade

Founder, Writer, Director, DOP, Editor, Colorist, Sound Design,Composer & Producer 

Özge Mine Katipzade

Co-Founder, Writer, Director, Creative &  Art Director, Costume Designer, Producer

Bedouin Robot Team 
Oktay Demirsöz  

     Ömür Akif Dinç
     Cinematographer / Partner
       Or Krıbos
Composer & Music Producer
Zeynep Efecan
     Asst. Art Director
Mert Saklamaz
  1st AC / Focus Puller 
Roman Jinjaradze
              Line Producer
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